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Thread: [REVIVE] Portal 2

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    [REVIVE] Portal 2

    For those who haven't been keeping abreast of developments on Steam, a couple of months ago they launched the Steam Workshop, and with it an incredibly easy to use level editor for Portal 2.

    Anyway, last night I fired up the old game, and went to browse the user made content that is out there. And I have to say, there are a large number of incredibly good user made puzzles for the game.

    I highly recommend that any fans of the game check this out, there is a virtually limitless supply of good puzzles to wrap your head around.

    I also read somewhere that the game has a load of recorded Cave Johnson anecdotes that are inserted into downloaded content. As most of the stuff that he says was never relevant to the puzzle at hand, but rather amusing background banter, these should fit in pretty nicely into the new content, making it feel like a true extension of the original game. I haven't heard any of the stuff yet, but I've only played a few test chambers so far.

    If you want to take a look at it, I highly recommend starting with a mod called '12 angry tests ('. It's one of the highest rated user made content packs.

    Finding stuff is easy. Navigate to the 'Perpetual testing initiative' in the main menu, select 'browse user made content', and start surfing for chambers. When you find one that you like, just subscribe to it, and it will add itself to your content list. Then, when you play it, it downloads the map (very quick, it's just a series of construction instructions), and off you go.

    Building levels is incredibly easy too. The development tool is a very simply editor that allows you to drag and drop items into the test chambers, resize and reshape rooms, and build just about anything that you saw in the original game.

    Once again, Valve show how to involve the community in adding longevity to their games.
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