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    [grrr]Squad is a band of South African gaming freaks with our own take on reality and why we try to avoid it. We are a clan strictly over 18 and require competing members to live in South Africa, exceptions are rare and we do have a few non-competing expatriates.
    Born out of the Fire and Brimstone frustrations and paradoxical gaming ecstasy that was Battlefield 2, [grrr]Squad has a long and proud tradition of engaging the community with humor and respect whilst maintaining a fierce competitive team for battlefield and other games over the years. We are immediately recognizable in a community that has been around for (too) many years and maintain a record of being amongst the longest standing groups of clans in the country as a result of our Honour above winning attitude.
    We are the only clan (to our knowledge) that elects new leadership every year, this gives everyone in our Clan an opportunity to be more than just a member, encourages participation and rewards it.

    Wearing the [grrr]Tags is a right that is earned and therefore coveted reward for being outstanding, zany and with character that stands you above the rest.

    [grrr] Clan Staff Roster


    Megageth, s3xy_j0nny, Slipperyduck, Dragonne, Niteshade & Paul
    (as previous Clan Leaders, they are like demi-gods to the clan; much like MC Hammer, you can't touch them

    Tyger, Onyx, Hubris, Phatso, [founders]
    (admin powers are impressive, be impressed or you will be suppressed, they have big (d)sticks)

    Hubris, Tyger

    ARTICLE HEAD EDITOR – proof/approval


    Slipperyduck, Tyger


    Why [grrr]Squad, what do we offer?

    Since we are a strong, yet defectively adjusted collection of community members, we are quite diverse, we have people who contribute a lot and you should feel duty bound to add what you can to this clan.
    Our human resources consist of Programmers, Web designers, Graphic designers, IT and Computer specialists, Network Engineers, Wireless Usergroup specialists, Video producers, Casting Studio managers, Sound Engineers, Finance Specialists, Relationship Advisors and many, many more. So, whilst we are diverse we have an amazing collection of specialists and skill sets that can provide you with opportunities and technical support in more ways than one and possibly the reason why our community has strength and longevity.
    Web Space
    We have our own locally hosted Web space, with live online chatbox, Public and Private Forums and polls, your own Blogs space within our domain and a full Articles system, which is set to explode in the 2012/13 period.
    Battlefield Server
    We have our own BF3/4 Clan server, depending on the current highlighted game (BF3/4 this year) we rent our own server so that we can practice and become as competitive as our commitment and talent allows. Competing is a very important part of our culture.
    Teamspeak 3
    Since the demise of the well implemented voice system in battlefield 2, requirements for decent voice communications have only increased. For any team, voice communication is a must-have commodity to effect any competitive strategy. We have our own Teamspeak 3 server for Voice communications, divided into many channels for our many games, both public and competitive.
    Community Fund
    We have a “[grrr]Squad Slush Fund” run by [grrr]Dragonne, a central account where member contributions accumulate and is used to fund our many costs, such as (amongst other things) Server rentals, Web Space, [grrr]apparel and portions of our bills for our Annual pilgrimage to JHB Coca-Cola dome for rAge NAG LAN.

    To apply

    Register on the forum and
    start a new thread on this board (membership) listing your in-game nick, a bit about yourself and why you want to join this clan in particular.
    Feel free to be humorous, eccentric or even insane, but do so wisely, there are no easy paths to the Tag of Dreams. [grrr]

    There will be a grace period before the clan votes on your acceptance, try to squad with as many members as possible during that time, members aren't likely to vote for you if they don't know you. There are no stats requirements for this clan, membership is granted by vote based entirely on whether current clan members push the yay or nay button. The application/voting process normally takes 2-3 weeks.
    Within a few days of your application, our Recruitment Officer will contact you and give you permission to wear the [grrr]Intern/Recruit Tags [grr_], if you have been given these tags, congratulations, you’ve impressed Top Brass already, you must now impress the rest.

    Zero Tolerance Issues

    No Hax. - If you use them, go away - period.
    No Mavericks - if you are so good that you dont need a squad to support you then you don't need us!
    Respect - We joke and insult each other but we maintain a respect for other players and the game itself.

    We will inform successful applicants if they have been accepted, you may not use our official tag until such time.*

    *Should your application be unsuccessful, you will be informed and the thread will be deleted.*
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