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vBulletin - Standardizing

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Well, after several months I wasn't all together happy with my overall design of the site.

Things had to change. So I made sure I found some time to look around at site and make notes of what I wanted to change.

One thing that was really bugging me was the disparity and silo effect between the blog, articles and forum sections. On top of that they never really looked any good.

As of today, I've finally gone through most of my noted things and completed the standardization of blog/article/forum - you'll feel like you're on the same system whichever one you navigate through.

Ive taken the time to add highlighting and hover effects to all the thing I could, giving the site a nice final tweak to get it looking nice, shiny and IMHO looking good.

I also found myself getting annoyed with Google and Yahoo jQuery scripts loading from their websites on each page load, so, I've nulled those and made the ajax scripts load locally on our domain/web-server instead, improving load-times significantly.

I then looked through several other aspects and found that patches/updates had broken a few things, which I have since fixed.

For now, I feel things are looking much better and more professional, if you can even call a gaming community that.

That's it for the overall design evolution, the next big thing is a move from our shared host to a cloud-based virtual server. This will give us direct access to our own operating system and allow us to install and tweak things the way we want them, as we need them.

Here's to better things to come


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