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vBulletin - more is more

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So, it's quite a beast.

It's a new Mindset too.
Finding and fixing issues has been a challenge, but patience and determination have won the day, at least so far.

Adding, changing, customizing, things are hidden all over the place.
I do enjoy the challenge of learning something new, so I'm not overwhelmed.

Now that things have started taking off, I'm quite stoked with the "What's New" feature, the "Friends" as well as the Visitors Message featutes.

All adding much value here, things that our users will discover over time.
One thing that did annoy me, that thankfully I quickly found a package/plugin to remedy, was the inability of regular users to change their own usernames.
Thank the pope for plugins.
Now users can log into their profile (from the quick menu below the main menu) [forum Actions] - [Edit Profile]
Then change their username from the second option "Username Change - Optional"

Quite handy.

Anyway, thats me for the day.

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