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vBulletin - The progress

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vBulletin, our new software driving this forum.

Specifically the publishing suite as opposed to just the regular forum software, is exceptional.
Features and workings of this beast and popping up here and there all the time.

During my exploration, I found the "promote to article" feature.
This feature is probably the one that gives me the biggest smile of them all, since the speparation of the CMS and Forum software has always been such a big issue for me. Now that we are fully integrated into one package, our users can just write a review or article of some sort in the normal forum threads, admins and/or moderators can simply promote that first post to an official article, chosing under which section/category it should reside.

It's really so easy and convenient.

One thing that is argueable not so great, though is actually a good thing, is the sheer volume of permissions required as you add plug-ins/packages to your software. Whist this isnt true for all plug-ins out there, it's true for most.
With users sitting in several usergroups as per our legacy forums, having to carefully go through each usergroup and double-check a massive amount of permissions each time a package is added seems cumbersome.
I with they could do that in the reverse, as in, install a plug-in/package then click on the package itself to assign usergroups and permissions there. Anyway, this is a necessary evil i suppose.

All in all, I continue to be amazed at the quality of this software. Kudos to vBulletin.


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