• GRRRAge! : What it means and what is in store for everyone

    In exactly one month rAge starts! Along with the rAge expo, NAG LAN and DoGaming Championship the yearly trek by the Grrr clan will take place and the GRRRAge weekend will commence. It starts round about 18:00 on the Thursday as members from all over the country converge on the shared accommodation and the party begins.

    Before I start listing my predictions on how the weekend will unfold let me give some history for those who have not been around for as long as the founders. The first real GRRRAge as far as I can remember was 2007. I can’t recall exactly who all made it but I remember arriving at Jule’s (Friend of Grrr) house just after the arrival of s3xy_j0nny, Icenflame, Drag0nne to be greet by a rowdy bunch of computer geeks. Shortly after that Lee arrived to much fanfare, for a lot of the members this was the first time that many had met each other in Real life. So exciting times!

    This first weekend would form that basis for all future GRRRAge outings, starting with heavy drinking on the Thursday night, the hung-over wait in the queue the next day followed by gaming, gaming, gaming. The Friday night was a meet and greet with the rest of the community usually at the Greek Sizzler , followed the next day by a competition, either formal or informal. The Saturday night is the pinnacle of the weekend where, at the epic Grrr braai a new leader is announced and a massive party is had. The next day is basically a mop up operation where people stagger out of bed just to go collect their PC’s from the dome. By 2pm/3pm people start making their way back to their homes or chilling at the accommodation in preparation for a long journey the next day

    This is the basic template for each weekend, some have been more epic (memorable) than others but it is always a good time and if you can make it, you want to be there.

    This will be the 6th year of GRRRAge so what is install for us? Well, this year is slightly different from last year but similar to the 2009 (I think) edition where unfortunately the Clan will be split between regular LAN and DGL LAN, hopefully security won’t be too anal and we will be able to mix it up a bit. This year will also be slightly more serious game-wise as there is some serious prize money at stake and pride.

    This could mean that the Friday night party might be a bit more subdued but I wouldn’t hold my breath. It also means that this will be the perfect platform to showcase why Grrr is the greatest clan, we will compete hard but we will still be the “popular” kids that everyone in BF3 wants to hang out with (some more than other).

    I predict that this weekend is going to be one of the best yet, there are quite a few “newbies” plus the comp is going to be massive! Time will fly by and the weekend will seem like a day. If you are planning on attending, whether it is the LAN or just the braai, I would mentally and physically prepare yourself for an AMAZEBALLS times!

    It is GRRRAGE TIME! It is GRRR go TIME!!!
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