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    We lost……

    That is pretty much all I wanted to write after the match against BzK last night. After the A2K win I knew that 1 or 2 things were going to happen, we would go into the BzK match with momentum and confidence and totally destroy BzK


    We would unravel because we thought all the hard work was done and all we needed to do was show up.

    Unfortunately it was the latter that won out. Everyone in the team was saying the right things but you could sense that this match was not important and thus we didn’t bring our A game. We started off well; in fact we started off really well and were dominating with a 60 ticket lead.

    This though is when I think it really kicked in that a win was a foregone conclusion and that is when the tape started to unravel, everyone just did their own thing which caused mistakes, frustration and this then lead to anger. The darkside! At this point there was no coming back, Grrr were once again their own worst enemy.

    As Snakestyles had previously put it “The only team that can beat Grrr is Grrr”

    It wasn’t a total loss, the first round was extremely close and we did win a round on Karkand so beating BzK is not impossible, in fact it is very possible.

    The final result was BzK winning both rounds on Siene and each team taking a round on Karkand but BzK had more tickets.

    So now what……….

    Well the aim at the beginning of this year was to get to the finals which we assumed would be at rAge. This we have done! (unless something”funny” happens). We finished in the top 3 in our group and now head off to the Champions Cup next week which we assume will be used to seed teams for rAge.

    So although the final match did not go our way, the hard work put in by the Grrr team has paid off and we can only better.

    See you at rAge………………………..sex robot!
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    1. Thor_23's Avatar
      Thor_23 -
    1. s3xy_j0nny's Avatar
      s3xy_j0nny -
      ... but j0nny was incredible
    1. Hubris's Avatar
      Hubris -
      Lol nice article Paul. Yeah we lost. I think they went balls to the wall to shut us out early and we just didnt bring our A game. BzK continue to be our nemesis team! Fuck those guys!
    1. SlipperyDuck's Avatar
      SlipperyDuck -
      B Z K

      R A W R

      Best Article evar
    1. TygerBS's Avatar
      TygerBS -
      But apparently we "arranged" to beat a2k bwhahaha jealousy makes you nasty!

    1. Phatso's Avatar
      Phatso -
      To quote Dryman

      See you guys at rA... wait, nevermind

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