• DoGaming League: DAC Match

    In the past DAC has been a bit of a boggie team for Grrr, although we are not best buddies with the DAC guys there has always been a healthy respect between the clans and we have always thought that we should beat them in clannies they have managed to trounce us on a few occasions.

    The current Grrr squad is different to the previous years, though not totally, I personally was still apprehensive about the game. I didn’t let this be known as I didn’t want my negative energy to influence the rest of the team (shu we bra I am like from Cape Ta-own) . I knew that with the current team we could dominate the DAC Crusaders but in the back of my mind, I thought, what if we have “one of those games” where we just fight with each other and nothing we do works. We almost had a game like that against BuD a few days before so it was quite possible as BuD and DAC are on a similar level.

    But as they say hindsight is 20-20, we got all those gremlins out with the BuD game and rocked up to the match with the single intention of domination. For the second week in a row, the SOD servers didn’t play ball. Hubris, managed to do a successful knife fight chose Karkand and Siene as the match maps with Sharqi as the backup, however once everyone had joined and we were organizing ourselves the server decided it was a good time to boot everyone from the server and not let anyone back on again. EVER!

    So we once again had to move to the Grrr server to play the match. A quick 5 minute revision of our opening moves and everyone’s job and we were good to go. It was clear though from the in game chat that DAC were having problems. They kept having to switch players in and out because of ping and only 20 minutes after the match was supposed to start did we get under way.

    So how did it go? DOMINATION! This is the single most descriptive word that can be used to fully describe how in control of the entire match Grrr was. We were flag addicts! We didn’t just want our flags, we want theirs, so we took them. Momentarily were they able to cap and hold a flag before we pushed them off. In the first round of Siene we were able to cap all the flags and push DAC back to the American spawn within the first 5 minutes, they were only able to break out when they were down to their last 30 tickets. It was a showing that was fully demonstrated by Hubris’s audacity to shove their tank into the drink. He was not merely satisfied with destroying their tank he want to show that we could mount and break them at will and thus rammed their tank into the Siene river. I ave never seen that it an offical league match I doubt it will happen again anytime time soon.

    This concluded a very, very comprehensive 4 round win for Grrr with a match that only lasted 45 minutes in its entirety. Now this might all sounds like bragging and getting big heads, I am under no illusion that the next 2 or 3 games are going to be epically tough. I just wanted to showcase how far we have come from the beginning of the year when we were languishing in the 3rd division to now! DAC may not have been the strongest opponent but we played the way a winning team must play in order to succeed, we were clinical, we were organized and had a killer instinct.

    I can honestly say that the Grrr squad that played last night would wipe the floor with Grrr squad that played in the beginning of the year! Progress Boys and Girls! Big Bags full of Progress! Hooah!!
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      Hooah great stuff guys!

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