• Captain America

    Director: Joe Johnston
    Stars:Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving and Samuel L. Jackson (Kind of More like a cameo)

    So Captain America hey? Who knows about him? I didn't really, I had seen pictures but I didn't know his story so when the trailer came out and looked good I thought, schweet, looks good and I have no expectations so that should just add to it. Usually when a movie is made based on a book/game/comic you already have expectations on how it should play out and when the movie differs you hate it.

    So I went into the cinema a clean slate hoping to be thoroughly entertained for 1.5 hours. If I had to be honest, yes I was entertained but not thoroughly.

    It was a typical superhero movie i.e. showing how he came to be, a bit of a back ground showing his character, then there was some "hardship" he had to overcome to prove himself and finally the battle with the big baddie.

    And that is the problem, it was all bits, a bit here explaining this, a bit here showing that. All in all it felt like it was just a filler to give a back story to Captain America so that when he pops up in The Avengers movie the audience knows about him.

    And that is exactly what this movie was supposed to be but it could also have had some meat and potatoes to it. For all intents and purpose they could have jammed this into 15 minutes at the beginning of the avengers.

    I really felt the missed a perfect opportunity to make a similar movie to Batman, where people were in awe that a superhero movie could be so well made and not just be a popcorn fest.

    So would you regret seeing it? Most probably not but wait for it to come on DVD or DSTV, Avengers only comes out next year so you have enough time to see it to fill in the blanks
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