• X-Men: First Class

    Director: Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass Fame)
    Stars: James McAvoy (), Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence

    Well if I were honest and put this film under a microscope, I could be here all day telling you what is wrong with it and what could have been done better. I could tell you about the holes in the plot and story or how some actors were not right for the role.

    But I if I had to view it from the point of having an overpriced coke in one hand and stale popcorn in the other then I would recommend it as 2 hours of good entertainment.

    I liked the previous X-men movies, they might not be my all time favorites but I do enjoy them and after reading some of the reviews I was expecting a lot from this movie. I am also not an X-men expert so I have no idea how accurate this “beginnings” tale is. Is it the Hollywood version or is it true to the comic books. There is always a debate on whether to stick to the comic books or to make a good movie but that will be for another time.

    Basically this, like Wolverine is an Origins story. It tell the story of how Prof X (McAvoy) and Magneto (Fassbender) joined up and then split to become arch enemies. I think all X-MEN movies have some kind of a message that under lies the action. It is usually about Humanities fear of the unknown, how people are afraid to be different or are afraid of the unknown, how accepting who you are is the only way to be blah, blah, blah. Blow something up with your eyes already.

    Which would be fine if these lessons were being taught by wise mean instead of Psycho Killers (Magneto, understandably so) and Skirt Chasing Frat boys (Prof X), yes that is right Prof X goes from being a beer guzzling womanizer to Yoda in a couple of scenes. I don’t know, McAvoy did a good job as Prof X but I think he was cast incorrectly so you can’t blame him, he doesn’t have the presence needed for the role or that Wiseman in a young body type “aura” about him .

    Fassbender as Magneto though was brilliant though. You could truly see that even when he was a good guy deep down he his intentions were malevolent but as the same time it is not because he is a bad guy by nature. Confusing? Yes, this dude has issues.

    Then there are also the times where the director or writers have added in a scene/line because “Oh yes, we need to tell/show the audience something because in sequels this will be important”

    This might all sound bad but like I said, this is microscope stuff. In general the effect were good but this is expected, the film never drags or leaves you with the feeling, ok let’s get going already. It is 2 hours of “If you leave your brain at home entertainment”

    There are a lot of better movies out there but also a ton of way worse movies.

    Oh the Fuck Yeah-o-meter I would give this a 6 out o 10
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