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    Cyborg V7 Gaming Keyboard Review

    First Off, soz for the lack of pictures as I know you guys like the Pretty’s

    Just to give some background, I was using a sidewinder X6 Keyboard http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en...er-x6-keyboard keyboard before this and was happy with the product but had to get a new keyboard due to some spillage.

    Initially at Rage I decided to get another X6 but was disappointed when they got sold out very quickly and I was forced to find an alternative option where rage didn’t offer a wide variety …..
    So after much thought I ended up choosing the Cyborg V7 Keyboard due to the fact that the product had a 2 year warranty and was a sturdy build.

    At first glance the product was nicely packaged and had a mediocre price (R720)

    Now for the keyboard itself:
    The key layout is slightly different to a normal keyboard as some of the keys have been moved (like the backslash button).
    It has the same keys as the Logitech gaming keyboards and not the same as the X6 with the laptop like keys.
    It has a touch button panel which seems to work very nice and has some extra buttons not normally found on a gaming keyboard like:

    1. The cyborg button which disables the windows keys and basically puts the board in “gaming” mode and also changes the key color according to the config
    2. It has multiple button’s for the backlighting: Color, intensity (man can this board display a variety of colors )
    3. And then there is buttons to configure certain areas of the board (which I found awesome!)

    Couple of other things the board also has an audio jacks and an usb port. And the rest of the stuff was pretty basic for a gaming board like the gold plated connectors etc.

    Have to also note that there wasn’t any installations issues nor was there any bugs (noteworthy these days)

    Now for the software:
    TBH I was a little disappointed with this as it is and looks very basic and isn’t the easiest software to configure, but it might just be me ……
    For this reason I haven’t really played around with the software too much

    Gaming with the board:

    I took the board for a spin on the BF3 Beta. The board is as sturdy as it looks and is also a decent keyboard for gaming, responses seemed the same as the X6 and the normal keys didn’t bother me too much. The Cyborg gaming mode on the board is also awesome especially if you plan on gaming in a dark room as you can color code areas of the board….. The board also has metal plated Key caps for the more high traffic areas of the board which doesn’t affect the gaming experience(and also keeps your fingers nice and cool ) at all and also vouches well for the lifetime of the board.

    As a keyboard is a very basic yet essential piece of equipment there isn’t much more I can say.

    The conclusion:

    How the board looks: 9/10
    Functionality: 7/10
    Software: 5/10
    Performance: 8/10
    Durability: 9/10
    Overall Score: 7.6 (for me this is a decent score as I am very full of it)
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