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  1. vBulletin - Standardizing

    Well, after several months I wasn't all together happy with my overall design of the site.

    Things had to change. So I made sure I found some time to look around at site and make notes of what I wanted to change.

    One thing that was really bugging me was the disparity and silo effect between the blog, articles and forum sections. On top of that they never really looked any good.

    As of today, I've finally gone through most of my noted things and ...
  2. Green Energy and Big Business Plans Part 2

    Ok so a commentator (Hubris) asked for a bit more information on the project. Said commentator seems to know an incredible amount on the subject matter which pleases me.

    Project: Power Generations (Carbon Neutral) - 400 kW to 200 MW

    The project would be a Biomass Gasification plant. I have done a fair amount of research into these and a few pilot programs in Ireland and the like. They have been very successful in carbon neutral power generation.

    I am aware ...
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  3. Green Energy and Big Business Plans

    With the increased focus on Green Energies within this country and globally I have been going over a business idea that I've had for the past year.

    Not without going into to much detail in the open domain and having some other genius come along and plop the idea out from under my nose I need to turn to a much wiser and well good educated audience.

    My Topic is Green Energy

    There is definite potential for huge growth within the South African market for Green ...
  4. Max Payne 3

    I picked up the game on Friday afternoon, and after a long install 4 disks worth not to mention problems with my DVD drive I was finally ready to play.
    Starting up the game I am met with a web page like front end, asking for sign in or sign up, no clear instruction on what should be done.
    I sign up and login, at this point it asks me for activation code, which I enter.
    It tells me activated, great... now what. No start button, no go to game button nothing.
    Hitting escape ...
    Tags: game review
  5. Coud ISP's Police Hacking?

    There has been a lot of debate recently on the subject of hacking in SA's BF3 community.
    Recent PunkBuster bans have many cheering from the sidelines, but also wondering how deep the hacking goes and how to stop it.
    Sure anti-cheat software like Punkbuster catch cheating players from time to time but what is to stop them from simply buying another copy of the game and creating a new nick? Nothing. We could simply let software like PunkBuster continue its course as it has done on previous ...
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