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  1. vBulletin - Standardizing

    Well, after several months I wasn't all together happy with my overall design of the site.

    Things had to change. So I made sure I found some time to look around at site and make notes of what I wanted to change.

    One thing that was really bugging me was the disparity and silo effect between the blog, articles and forum sections. On top of that they never really looked any good.

    As of today, I've finally gone through most of my noted things and ...
  2. vBulletin - Improved Front Page

    Aww, the awesome goodness of a slider.

    It took a few hours to figure it all out.
    When I first installed the Slider - things just didn't to what I wanted, I couldn't figure it out.

    I eventually figured out where many of the settings are.
    With the slider your images have to be located on your site too, so you can't hotlink to another website.

    With that I had to figure out about VB Image galleries.
    It seems there are some good ones out there, ...
  3. vBulletin - more is more

    So, it's quite a beast.

    It's a new Mindset too.
    Finding and fixing issues has been a challenge, but patience and determination have won the day, at least so far.

    Adding, changing, customizing, things are hidden all over the place.
    I do enjoy the challenge of learning something new, so I'm not overwhelmed.

    Now that things have started taking off, I'm quite stoked with the "What's New" feature, the "Friends" as well as the Visitors Message featutes. ...

    Updated 29-05-2012 at 04:25 PM by SlipperyDuck

  4. vBulletin - The progress

    vBulletin, our new software driving this forum.

    Specifically the publishing suite as opposed to just the regular forum software, is exceptional.
    Features and workings of this beast and popping up here and there all the time.

    During my exploration, I found the "promote to article" feature.
    This feature is probably the one that gives me the biggest smile of them all, since the speparation of the CMS and Forum software has always been such a big issue for ...
  5. Turning Over a New Forum

    Well, it's an interesting day here at GRRR Squad head quarters.

    For the first time in our history, we've gone ahead and purchased Web Software.
    Previously we used SMF/Joomla/Concrete5 and other things, in an attempt to get more out of our little web-home than in the past. The old adage is applicable, you get what you pay for.
    It took quite a lot to customize the free stuff, but was never really what we needed.
    Our community needs to grow, with that we need ...

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