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vBulletin - Improved Front Page

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Aww, the awesome goodness of a slider.

It took a few hours to figure it all out.
When I first installed the Slider - things just didn't to what I wanted, I couldn't figure it out.

I eventually figured out where many of the settings are.
With the slider your images have to be located on your site too, so you can't hotlink to another website.

With that I had to figure out about VB Image galleries.
It seems there are some good ones out there, but they all cost quite a bit.
Eventually I figured I'd just use the Built in Album in the user profiles.

There I found some limitations I couldn't get images to do what I want and the hunt was on to figure out why.
Had to go through many setting to find the limitations for JPG and PNG files. Their dimensions and file sizes were all set very low. Changed that.

Then Created a public Album and uploaded some files and tested again.

I found the Slider was just stretching the images and warping it. After much searching, I eventually just caved and decided to simply re-create the images in the 500px × 312px dimensions to simply fit the slider perfectly rather than tax myself over the ways and means to auto-magically resize proportionately.

Re-created, re-uploaded and tested.

Colour me impressed, it looks purdy cool.

Thats me for the day.


  1. TygerBS's Avatar
    Looks excellent Lee

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