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Turning Over a New Forum

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Well, it's an interesting day here at GRRR Squad head quarters.

For the first time in our history, we've gone ahead and purchased Web Software.
Previously we used SMF/Joomla/Concrete5 and other things, in an attempt to get more out of our little web-home than in the past. The old adage is applicable, you get what you pay for.
It took quite a lot to customize the free stuff, but was never really what we needed.
Our community needs to grow, with that we need the integrated CMS/Blog/Forum software that allows for single login and a host of plug-ins and features that you just can't get for free.
So here we are. The day has come, we've moved to vBulletin 4 publishing Suite.
While it's not quite done yet, the potential is already quite evident. Everything is well integrated into one single package and it's the most supported CMS/FORUM code available on the internet.
Sure it cost us a bit, but well worth it.

The migration was simply spectacularly easy. Other than having to re-examine all the permissions and resetting some things, which, whilst taking a long time, never became taxing, the process was actually very easy. I look forward to doing a lot with this new setup and am eager to see better community involvement as a result of this spectacular change.
My blog will update with additions and findings as we go along. That's it for now, see y'all soon.



  1. Stu's Avatar
    Well congratulations all round to all parties involved what a epic injection of change and lietness this has brought! This wouldn't have been possible with out the Duck!

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