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    Battlefield my good friend has been around for quite a while, the series started off as a pure multiplayer game with Battlefield 1942 (although you could run through a “campaign” with Bots filling in for the flesh and blood noobs)

    Battlefield’s first venture into single player campaign territory was the Bad Company “spin-off” and then followed by Battlefield 3’s campaign and co-op missions. I am not here to tell you about Battlefield’s single player history but to give you the scoop (almost 3 weeks later) on the single player campaign in the latest Battlefield instalment.

    Firstly, Battlefield is not known for its single player in fact the BF3 single player was widely panned but to be honest I quite enjoyed the Bad Company 2 single player. I make it a point to complete the campaign for each Battlefield title not matter what has been said about it. I do this because I am a stats whore and well I LOVE Battlefield.

    So let get into it! High level summary (aah corporate speak) of the campaign goes as follows. You belong to a squad called Tombstone, pretty sure the person who named this squad from DiCE had just watched the Bourne Series and paid homage to Tredstone which Jason Bourne belonged to but I digress. You and your “buddies”, Sgt Dunn (Dun dun dun), Irish (who is Black and you never find out why a black guy is called Irish unless I missed something obvious ), Pac (who I think looks a lot like M & M, ha ha incorrect spelling) and lastly you being Reckor or Rec go to China to get intel for something that the higher ups already know but they just want to be sure.

    Seems there is some internal strife in China between a General and some Liberal, long story short, the General is a badly the liberal is a goodie, if the Liberal dies there will be Civil war and the Russians will back the General whereas the Americans seem to back the Liberal dude.

    I don’t want to going into too much detail because I actually enjoyed the story and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else. It is a pretty generic story but it is what is expected from a war shooter. The biggest problem though and this is a VERY big problem that can’t be overlooked is the script!

    You know how 2 people can tell the same story and the one will sound awesome and the other dude will sound like a tool? Well DICE (or the director/script writer) is the tool. The voice acting is pretty good, not the best but enough to not make you cringe, they have however been given NOTHING to work with!

    For example there are two characters that don’t see eye to eye, throughout the whole campaign there is mistrust between them and then LITERALLY (I know that saying is over used) in 2 sentences they go from “I don’t trust you, make one wrong move and I will blow your brains out” to “We are best friends , I will die for you, BFFs for life Yo!”

    They could have done so much with this but what I think happened is they set out this like 20 mission campaign and then had to cut it to 7 missions but still tried to cram the story into this much shortened version.

    So my advice is play it, (even on hard it is ridiculously easy), get it over with because you unlock some weapons for multiplayer and then leave it alone. My advice to DICE, use some of the millions of Dollars you have made from us and hire a proper director and script writer.
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    1. J_Th4ng's Avatar
      J_Th4ng -
      The best thing for me is that they go to great lengths to set the player up as the squad leader of tombstone, and yet through out the entire campaign, everyone else gives the orders and tells you what to do.

      And that dialogue is terrible!! It's extra cheezy cheese.

      The action is reasonably fun though. I probably wouldn't have stuck with it if it wasn't for the fact that you have to get to the end to unlock a couple of weapons for MP.

      Oh, and having to do the last mission three times to unlock all of the weapons is a bit of an annoyance.
    1. Paul's Avatar
      Paul -
      Yes the Dialogue was horrendous, it is like they banged up the entire scripted in 30 mins while they were doped up on morphine.
    1. Hubris's Avatar
      Hubris -
      Ya I have to agree, the chatter was painful and getting orders from your subordinates was a joke. The hit boxes on the AI were bad and it took literally the entire kitchen and the sink to kill them. It felt like it didn't even work in the same universe as the multiplayer and honestly I found it a very boring and glitched out way to unlock weapons.

      EA has really undercooked this game. This is becoming a trend too, remember Sim City? EA don't seem to be able to control the hype machine and end up painting themselves into a corner or overestimating what they can actually do in the time available to them. It's not good for the titles and not good for EA.

      Lets hope they figure out what is actually broken with the server before the "R-800" patch is released that will officially hog your entire hard drive. R1000 to play, 23GB to download, endless framerate and crashing issues. Have to say this game is looking dodgy.
    1. Morphza's Avatar
      Morphza -
      "while they were doped up on morphine" - that would have made for a 200% improvement in the current story.

      After yesterday's patch I had a much better FPS, and when I got hit, I actually had the chance to move before I got hit more and killed (that was on conquest) then I moved to a rush and it was back to "hear / feel nothing except the last bullet that kills you"

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