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    So Iron Man 3 is out, it is part of the whole Avengers money making gang-bang thing. I watched the movie last night in a prestige cinema, that means I was watching a movie while lying on a lazy boy, eating popcorn and drinking coke. The scene was set for a perfect viewing except for one thing, the movie I was about to watch.

    Don’t get me wrong, it is not an awful movie, far from it. It is roughly 2 hours and you won’t regret seeing it but you also won’t be dying to tell your friends about the movie. It’s opening day was apparently the biggest ever but I think that is based on the past movies and the Avenger movie. I have a feeling that once word of mouth gets out the ticket sales will fall.

    Now then I can’t just say I didn’t like it and expect you to believe me, although I am very believable, you need some reasons. Here are my reason

    I know superhero movie plots are never the most complex and “thoughtful” stories out there but really, did the director ask his assistant to pick up plot number 15 from the Studio lot, search and replace the names and then make the movie. Within 2 minutes, you know who the baddy will be, why he is bad and so the rest of the movie is no surprise. They try to put a twist in but to be honest if they untwisted it then it would have been better.

    I know this movie is called Iron man but Geez give the other characters more than 3 words to speak at a time. 99% of the movie is listening to Downey Jr speak, which is actually the only good thing. As usual he pulls ofd what he was given brilliantly. Put Tony Stark in a character driven movie with Downey Jr and I would pay to see that but I digress, even though Tony gets all the lines and time his character doesn’t progress and right at the beginning you realize (are told) there is something wrong. This is never fully explored and all though there are symptoms they don’t say why. All character interactions seem really superficial and there is no connection.

    The 3D was a lot better than I thought, if you see it in 2D you won’t be missing out but seeing it in 3D also won’t be a waste of time.

    In the end this movie will “do its job” it will continue the whole Avengers story arc and will “entertain” you for 2 hours but 15 minutes afterwards you will struggle to recall one epic scene/moment in the movie. It is highly predictable and quite underwhelming.
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      Irish_Luck28 -
      I agree totally. To be honest, having an actor with the magnitude of Ben Kingsley *Spoiler alert* and turning him into comic relief sucked. The mandarin seemed so much more epic when it was Ben.

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