• Competitive Squad Rush : Grrr Style

    Squad what? Squad Rusty Nail? Squad Rambunctious Minions? No SQUAD RUSH!! This is what Grrr Squad has been participating in for the last couple of weeks.

    Squad Rush is a different game mode for Battlefield 3 and is suited more to smaller teams and pure infantry work. Despite it’s name Squad Rush is not about hauling ass as quickly as you can. It is about setting up your lines of fire, picking your targets and identifying key moments where the squad can push up.

    This is the first Squad Rush competition that the Grrr Squad has entered, then again most of the teams in the competition are also Squad Rush virgins so it is a relatively even playing field in terms of experience.

    The Grrr Squad entered two teams of 5 (4 players and a reserve), the Baggers and Nuts. Both teams were placed in very difficult groups but have so far fared pretty well. The Nutz won their first match against BzK, a team that infamously asked if we “organized” with A2K to beat them. The Baggers were not as fortunate against Gs Phoe going down 3 – 1, it was not a bad showing considering this team was made up of ex – Team SA players though and the Baggers were able to take down one of their MCOM ‘s to score a point. The Baggers second game was against Gs Nix, this was an extremely tight match with no side managing to get the upper hand and it ending in a 1 – 1 draw.

    There are still a few matches left in the group stages and all should be concluded by 20th November, then we will see how well our first outing in Squad Rush has gone.

    On a personal note, as a confirmed armour junkie I have to say that Squad Rush is fantastic and it is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in competitive play. It truly does teach you the basics but also allows you to become an expert ground pounder.

    Until next time, can I get a Hooah!
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